Everything about the kefir diet: systems and menus daily

How to lose weight fast without harming yourself and then gaining those extra pounds again? Cleopatra herself knew the answer: the kefir diet. Its main ingredient is kefir, which starts the active process of losing weight in the body.

The advantage of the kefir diet for weight loss is its availability: the price of a liter of fermented milk drink is rarely high and it can be found in every grocery store.

The girl gets rid of extra kilos by following the kefir diet

About the benefits of kefir

Kefir is rightly called one of the most useful products: it is obtained from milk in the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria. Rich in vitamins A and B, as well as easily digestible proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Moreover, it goes well with various products, such as cottage cheese, buckwheat, vegetables, fruits.

What kind of kefir should be used for the diet

Despite the apparent simplicity of preparing for the kefir diet, there are some subtleties in the selection of the main ingredient that make this diet really effective.

How to choose

Pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Freshness.For the kefir diet, it is best to prefer fresh kefir, made 1-2 days ago. But we must remember that if such kefir is more than three days old, it will "strengthen". Only fresh kefir will have a laxative effect.
  2. Fat content.Kefir with a fat content of 2. 5% is best, 3. 2% causes heartburn, and one percent is not so satisfying. The lack of benefits of fat-free kefir has already been proven by nutritionists, moreover, fats are necessary for the body in small amounts.
  3. CFU number: from 10, 000, 000 for the entire shelf life.

It is best to prepare the lactic acid drink yourself from the pharmacy, but for this you need to be sure of the quality of the milk used.

Fresh kefir for effective weight loss

Kefir diet - advantages and disadvantages


Kefir diet has many advantages:

  • an excellent source of useful and nutritious substances;
  • normalization of the digestive process and intestinal microflora;
  • helps with edema, accelerates the process of removing excess fluid and salts, as well as toxins and toxins;
  • satisfy hunger with low calorie content;
  • promotes the fat burning process.

In addition, kefir goes well with various products, such as fruits. The opinions of those who combined kefir and apples for weight loss are the most positive.


There is no doubt that the kefir diet is quite monotonous, and fermentation in the intestines can cause discomfort. It should be added that such a diet is not suitable for long-term use.

Tangible weight loss due to kefir fasting days

Fasting days

Kefir is not only a diet, but also fasting days, on which only fermented milk drink and non-carbonated water can be consumed. Such days help to detoxify the body, as a result of which you will lose up to two kilograms, but only due to the removal of excess water, not fat. It takes time, at least a week, for the fat to start breaking down.

Diet options

For three days

The 3-day kefir diet is suitable if you need to lose weight in a short period of time, for example before a celebration. This way you can lose up to three kilograms.

Only one and a half liters of kefir and clean water are allowed. Such a 3-day mono-diet will help you get in shape after a holiday or vacation, but it should not be used for health problems.

for 5 days

The 5-day kefir diet is less strict than the previous one: you have to eat eight times a day.

In order to lose 5-10 kilograms during this period, you should consume daily:

  • one and a half liters of low-fat or fat-free kefir;
  • two apples;
  • five prunes;
  • raw or roasted vegetables, up to one kilogram.
Kefir with apples for a 5-day diet

For a week

You will also like the effect of the 7-day diet on kefir and apples, which will allow you to lose at least 5 kilograms.

The 7-day kefir diet menu consists of pure water, one and a half liters of 2. 5% fat kefir, and the following products:

  1. On the first day, eat four potatoes.
  2. On the second day, one hundred and fifty grams of boiled chicken should be consumed.
  3. On the third day, allow yourself two hundred grams of boiled beef.
  4. On the fourth day, you can treat yourself to 150 grams of steamed fish, but only with low fat content.
  5. On the fifth day, the diet allows one kilogram of apples or carrot and cabbage salad.
  6. On the sixth and seventh days, you can only drink water.

There is also a stricter 7-day diet - kefir apple, during which you can only consume pure non-carbonated water and one kilogram of raw apple per day. If you add home workouts to this diet, you can lose 10 kilograms in a week.

However, according to reviews of the diet of kefir and apples, this diet is difficult to tolerate even for a completely healthy person.

for 9 days

The 9-day kefir diet is as follows:

  • from the first to the third day, you can drink only pure water and low-fat kefir (up to 2%) so that you do not feel hungry;
  • from the fourth to the sixth day, you can add apples or vegetables to the diet, or 100 grams of meat per day;
  • the last three days again pass low-fat kefir and water.

With such a kefir-apple diet, you can lose up to 9 kg in 9 days.

During the first and last three days of the 9-day diet, you must consume kefir and water.

for 10 days

The ten-day kefir diet, which allows you to lose up to 10 kg:

  1. The first day is allowed: one liter of low-fat kefir and green tea.
  2. On the second day, eat 500 ml of kefir and 4 boiled potatoes.
  3. The menu of the third day: 500 ml of kefir and half a kilo of fat-free cottage cheese.
  4. On the fourth day, you can eat five hundred ml of kefir and 0. 5 kg of apples (if necessary, replace them with plums or pears).
  5. On the fifth day, 500 ml of kefir and boiled chicken breast (up to 550 grams) are allowed;
  6. On the sixth day, use 500 ml of kefir and fruit again.
  7. On the seventh day, only still water is allowed.
  8. On the eighth day, repeat the menu of the fourth and sixth days.
  9. On the ninth day, one and a half liters of low-fat kefir is allowed.
  10. On the tenth day, you can drink 500 ml of kefir and eat an apple.

Before starting this diet, consult your doctor, as not all important substances enter the body.

On some days of the two-week diet, kefir can also be consumed with fruit.

for 14 days

The nutrition system of the famous pop singer also belongs to the two-week kefir diet:

  1. Five hundred milliliters of kefir and 300 grams of dried fruit are allowed on the first day.
  2. On the second day, you should consume five hundred milliliters of kefir + 400 grams of fried potatoes.
  3. On the third day, five hundred milliliters of kefir + 400 grams of fruit are allowed.
  4. On the fourth day, drink five hundred milliliters of kefir + up to one kilogram of cooked chicken breast.
  5. On the fifth day, you can consume five hundred milliliters of kefir + up to one kilogram of fat-free cottage cheese.
  6. On the sixth day, a maximum of 2 liters of still water is allowed.
  7. The menu of the seventh day: five hundred milliliters of kefir + five hundred grams of fruit.

In the second week, repeat the same diet.

This diet is supplemented by several rules:

  • at least six meals before 18: 00;
  • taking laxatives, using enemas;
  • consume no more than five hundred ml of pure water per day;
  • start the morning with an herbal infusion.

With this diet, you can limit yourself for a week - this will allow you to lose 7 kilograms, and in two weeks twice as much. There is no doubt that this system should not be used in intestinal diseases.

strip diet

It is considered the most harmless and lightest. During the duration of such a diet, the days alternate, when 2 liters of kefir are evenly consumed on one day, and a regular meal on the other. An apple, non-carbonated water and green tea are also allowed on the kefir day.

According to reviews of the kefir strip diet, the results are losing up to 8 kilograms per month with such nutrition.

Strip diet for weight loss - alternating between kefir and other healthy foods

Reviews and results

Most people who are losing weight like the kefir diet and prefer its different types. For example, reviews of the striped kefir diet are mostly positive, because there are no strict food restrictions, and on "no kefir" days you can choose your own food without giving up your favorite food for a long time. The results are especially impressive for those who follow the striped dietcombined with sports.

According to reviews about the 7-day kefir diet, the result did not take long - the extra pounds disappeared.

  • "After the New Year holidays, I couldn't button my office pants! I had to go on a strict diet - kefir for a week. It was difficult, but the result was worth it - it took 4 kg!
  • "I've been struggling with excess weight since I was young, which diets I haven't tried! Once a friend advised me to sit on kefir for 7 days. I decided to give it a try while on vacation. It was hard for him, but he lost 5 kg! The hardest thing was not to start overeating again after the diet ended. But after that I started eating often, but in small portions. Now I try to maintain this order, I organize fasting days with kefir once a month. I lost another 3 kg in 2 months, and my health improved noticeably, I felt so light!

Reviews of the 9-day apple-kefir diet are also positive: those who lost weight each lost 7-9 kg.

  • "After giving birth and nursing, she looked like a balloon. I definitely wanted to get her former waist back. I decided to take myself seriously - I sat on apples and kefir for 9 days. Immediately - minus 6 kg. But of course I didn't lie on the couch, I tried to lead an active lifestyle.
  • "A colleague came back from a vacation looking noticeably thinner and rejuvenated. I asked what the secret was, it turned out - the kefir-apple diet! I lost 7 kilograms in 10 days, just a miracle. I'm not ready for such a long experiment yet, but I started doing fasting days once a week, I've only done it 3 times so far, but I've already lost two kg!
Kefir diet allows you to lose a large amount of excess weight

The opinion of nutritionists

Nutritionists are not very positive about such monodiets, as they are unbalanced. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume a lot of kefir for a long time - it is full of stomach problems.

At the same time, doctors approve kefir fasting days. According to doctors, the 7-day kefir diet also has a positive effect on health and shape, but you should not sit on it too often.